Classes and Workshops

We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for you to attend! If you are interested in Group skill workshops and knit alongs please visit our Calendar Page and check out what we are offering. Group classes and workshops change every month! 

Are you a new knitter or crocheter? Are you looking to learn?  We have a deep passion for all things fiber art related, and we want you to as well! While we do offer some basic beginner group classes, we prefer to teach new knitters and crocheters privately.  Now, we know that "privately" generally comes with a high price tag, but not here! We offer all of our private classes at group class prices.  

New Knitter: $10.00 for a private class with a minimum of 1 hour of dedicated time. (everyone learns at a different rate) And we'll lend you all of the supplies to learn on in the shop. If you're brand new you can expect to learn how to Cast on, and knit stitch- If you're a fast study we'll teach you how to purl too! 

New Crocheter: $10.00 for a private class (with all of the same policies of new knitter!) The difference is you'll learn how to chain & single crochet. If you're a fast study you'll learn double crochet as well! 

Skill class: Depends on the skill but no more than 10.00 - generally if you're fairly savvy and looking to learn something we'll teach you for free! Skills might be something like, Colorwork, Mosaic Knitting, Lace, etc.  Generally if it's something quick (like a cast on or bind off) we won't charge you. 

Group Classes: Are as priced on their Calendar Page- We try to keep group class prices extremely reasonable. If a class is on the higher cost side, it probably includes the supplies! 

Fix it help: Dropped a stitch? Need to get back on track? Drop in ANY time we're open and we'll help you for free. Disclaimer:: If it's a real mess, we may tell you you have to rip it back, but we'll do everything to help you that we can before that.