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Here are the classes going on at Ewe + You this month so far.  The class schedule is ever changing and we're excited to add a few more things to these dates coming up!  

Feb. 11 11:00AM // Dunaway  // 

I'm always looking for that perfect gift for the men in my life and this scarf could not be any better. This beautiful project is easy, fun, soft and elegant- we also added a fun detail by holding two sock weight yarns together to give it a little extra texture.


February 18th 11AM // SOCKS

In this class we will be going over tow up socks with an AFTER THOUGHT heel. You will learn Judy's Magic Cast on, Magic Loop, and we will even teach you how to do two at a time if you're up for the challenge! 

Class is Free with Purchase of Materials 


February 26th 10AM // Dye Workshop

Learn how to dye your own yarn back by popular demand! 

Learn how to dye your own hank of yarn, you will learn basic color theory, dying techniques and more, and then you leave with your own beautiful hank! 

Class fee is 45.00 (includes all materials)